19th May – 1st June 2013

Creative journal update (19 May–1 June) which included: Photographing singer/songwriter Rachel Elliott, photographing actress Kate Steel; performing live set at Jimmy Mizen fundraising event; attending Tribes gig at Camden Roundhouse; music rehearsals.


Photographing singer/songwriter Rachel Elliott, Highgate Woods (Sunday 19th May)

Despite forecasts of torrential downpours, luckily the rain-clouds stayed away, the sun appeared and my planned photoshoot with talented musician Rachel Elliott was able to go ahead as plan. Rachel & I both share a love for music and photography so it was great to collaborate and combine mutual interests.


Although Rachel has a lot of previous musicial experience she is currently at the stage of branching out on her own as a singer/songwriter – exciting times ahead. I was pleased to capture this transitional phase, and to be behind the camera for her first photoshoot. Please check out this link to see the photos and to read the interview:



Photographing actress Kate Steel, Hampstead Heath (Wednesday 22nd May)

Anyone who know me well, knows that I do not enjoy walking up steep hills, so it is something of a miracle that I made it to Hampstead Heath for a photoshoot! (what no direct bus?!) 😉 Anyway it was definitely worth the trek. I had a brilliant time photographing actress Kate Steel at the Heath.


Kate was happy to try out anything for the photoshoot – she climbed trees whilst in her heels and prom dress, jumped over fences, and risked the anger of swans and geese! Wow! What a pro! All whilst carrying a string of multi coloured balloons and dressed in a backless dress on a freezing cold day (meanwhile, I was in jumper, winter coat and scarf most of the time! The perks of being on the ‘otherside’ of the camera!)


There will be a follow up photoshoot with Kate taking place in the next few months. Instead of balloons the ‘prop’ for next shoot will be a very cute dog! In the meantime please check out the recent photoshoot and interview here:   http://besidetheseeside.blogspot.co.uk/2013/05/kate-steel.html

Performing live set at Smoke-A-Thon, Fundraising event for Jimmy Mizen Foundation, Cafe of Good Hope, Hither Green (Saturday 25th May)

It was an absolute honour to have the chance to perform at the 3 day fundraising event for the Jimmy Mizen Foundation. The Mizen family are an absolute inspiration, they have dealt with tragedy in such a dignified, positive way and are really making a difference in the local community. For details of their sterling work please check out the Jimmy Mizen Foundation website here: http://www.jimmymizen.org/

I performed a set of my own songs (sorry, no covers this time) and was joined on stage by Ed on percussion. There was a lovely atmosphere in the cafe, and a very supportive vibe. I think our biggest fans were two children (faces covered in brightly coloured face paint) who danced along enthusiastically during my set! Haha! 🙂 Fantastic place to play.


Once we’d finished our performance I had the chance to sit back and enjoy the rest of the event. BBQ, beer, cakes and loads of great music to listen to. I was particularly impressed by E.N.V (and friends) who were amazing! Absolutely loved their final song, Mila Falls’  Starlight it’s still spinning round in my head!

It was also great to see Tommy Mizen take to the stage. Tommy did the soundman duties for all the acts over the entire 3 days, but also played 4 songs whilst I was there on the Saturday – including Sparkle, a moving song which  he wrote about Jimmy. I had a brilliant day at a truly inspirational event. If you live near the Cafe of Good Hope, definitely pop in. This is their website: http://cafeofgoodhope.com/


Rehearsal, Hackney (Wednesday 28th May)

Nick and I had our second rehearsal on Wednesday, and this time we were joined by Ed on percussion. The songs are really starting to take shape. Hopefully with a couple more rehearsals we should be ready to perform live together. We are looking forward to be joined for future rehearsals/gigs by Enda on banjo – can’t wait to be part of a band again!


Tribes, Camden Roundhouse (Wednesday 29th May)

I have to admit that I only ‘very’ recently discovered Tribes. I heard their newest single Dancehall on XFM a few weeks ago, and I was utterly blown away by that tune, so turned to spotify to see what the rest of their material was like, and I really liked what I heard. It’s always a buzz to discover a new band – new tunes to hear, CDs to treasure – and perhaps most importantly of all – a new band to see live!

Tribes have only been formed since 2010, but already have a solid set of catchy songs and a loyal following. It was a  great homecoming gig (Tribes formed in Camden) and a lively performance from a band on the ascent.


Many thanks for visiting my journal. Please pop back in a fortnight for the next update.


Samantha x











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