1st – 15th September 2013

 Sa 212

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I initially went online to do this journal update on Monday – however after reflecting on the fact that the majority of my creative plans over the last few weeks had been cancelled due to bad health (again) I then considered whether I should just close down this blog, as I was getting fed up with having to cancel gigs, photoshoots, etc. And keeping a journal just kicks home how little progress is being made when so much of the time I can’t do the things I need to do, and want to do.

If you read my journal regularly then you will be aware of the impact of my Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome (PVF), which I was diagnosed with after a nasty bout of shingles, and my ongoing insomnia which escalates the Fatigue complications. The start of this fortnight (which should have been spent photographing Simon Lawrence perform at his first jazz gig with Matthew Eglinton) was written off due to a PVF relapse, and also meant I had to rearrange one of my recording sessions. The fortnight should then have ended with me playing at the Spencer in Putney, but I contracted Laryngitis and by Sunday I had totally lost my voice, so my performance also had to be cancelled (& probably my up and coming recording session too, as I am still unable to speak).


Speak no evil! – Laryngitis

I am well aware that my Fatigue Syndrome could be a lot worse than it is; I know that many people diagnosed with the same condition are incapable of doing anything at all a lot of the time. So despite the fact it is frustrating and disruptive, and gives me a weakened immune system, I am also grateful that I have a relatively mild form of it.

I suppose I was just wondering what point there was to a ‘creative journal’ when so much of what I seemed to be writing about was the fact that things hadn’t happened, instead of things that had. But then I decided that surely one of the key factors to a journal is that it covers the ups and also the downs, that it is honest and open. Eventually I have decided to continue with my journal, at least for a while longer. There’s not much activity in this instalment (I think the above paragraphs explain why!)

Recording Session, Bonafide Studios, Muswell Hill

Earlier this year I landed my first session musician job – playing ukulele at Bonafide Studio. I had a great time recording there and so I was really excited to be back in their studio again, this time working on my own material. I started to record one of my live favourites ‘The Watchmaker’ a folky/poppy tune, with producer Brian. I wrote ‘The Watchmaker’ a long time ago so I’m pleased to finally be recording a version of it.


Recording ‘The Watchmaker’

I had another fab day at Bonafide Studios, and I’m really looking forward to completing Watchmaker and also starting my personal favourite tune ‘Halo’. I’m not totally sure when the next session will be – it will depend on how long it takes for me to get my voice back again! But I really can’t recommend Bonafide Studios enough, not only have they been fantastic to record with, but they have also been completely understanding with my health issues over the last few weeks – firstly with the Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome and now with my laryngitis! It really is appreciated & gives me one less thing to fret about (sorry for the terrible pun!) 😉

bonafide 2

Photographing Meg Mosley, Parkland Walk, Crouch End

Meg Mosley (aka Megastar) is quite simply fantastic to photograph. Not only does she have the most flamboyant outfits ever, and all the right poses – but she also got me chocolate and lemonade to help me deal with an energy lapse AND let me try on some of the stuff from the Megastar wardrobe collection! 😉


Parkland Walk in Crouch End was the ideal location for a fun and very colourful photoshoot with Meg Mosley. It is a disused railway line, which is full of grattifi art walls and wildlife. The pictures from the shoot and an interview with Meg will be posted onto my photoblog soon. In the meantime here is a sneaky peak at a few of the photos!



Thanks for visiting my journal. Please pop back again in a few weeks! Cheers 🙂 x