30th September – 13th October 2013

Journal update (30/09-13/10) which includes; Performing live at Acoustify’s launch party, song writing session with Simon Lawrence, 1st rehearsal with brand new band, designing and printing Beside the See Side Christmas Cards, etc.


Beside the See Side Christmas Cards

Many of the wintery and Christmassy photos that have appeared on my photoblog are now available to buy as Christmas Cards. I will be selling them (plus equally festive badges and cotton bags) at Christmas markets. Further details will be posted to my fb arts page. http://www.facebook.com/samantha.edgley.arts



Photographing the Bredhurst countryside

Whilst back in Kent I popped along to Bredhurst to say ‘hi’ to the horses there, and to take their portraits! Most were a little bit camera shy and hide their faces in the grass, but a few were willing to pose for the camera!



Songwriting session with Simon Lawrence (Thursday 10th October)

Simon Lawrence & I had a productive songwriting session on Thu. We took the bare bones of a very rough template for a tune we had begun ages ago, and turned it into a finished song, complete with harmonies. We then made the decision to perform ‘Grey’ that very evening at the Acoustify Launch Party. It was a new experience for me as I have never before performed a song live that I’d only finished writing a few hours earlier!


Performing at Acoustify launch party, Lowcountry, Fulham (Thursday 10th October)

I had a fantastic time playing some of my songs at the Acoustify Open Mic Launch Party at Lowcountry in Fulham & it was great to perform brand new song ‘Grey’ with Simon Lawrence. It was a fab evening with a great atmosphere. I’ll definitely be playing there again in the near future.


There were so many amazing acts performing at Acoustify Thursday, including Tristan Mitchard. Tristan is a singer/songwriter and an inventor! He has designed and built a new musical instrument called the ZEBRA, which he used for his performance at Acoustify. The Zebra has 3 keyboards (including one for feet), and they all slope towards the audience so we were able to see the notes he was playing. The sound (and the visual impact) was amazing. What an incredible talent.


New Band! Putney (Saturday 12th October)

I have formed a new band with my friends Sumeet Bellara and Caz Bellingham and we had our first rehearsal on Saturday. There is no lead singer as such. Instead we will ‘rotate’ lead vocal duties, and sing lead on whichever songs which we have personally composed.  Our first rehearsal included a run through of Caz’s song ‘Where I keep you’, Sumeet’s ‘What Surprises’, and my song ‘The Watchmaker’.  It was brilliant fun, I had such a great time creating music with them & I can’t wait till our first live performance. I’ve really missed being part of a band… now we just need a name!


Folk Jam, Clapham (Sunday 13th October)

A relaxing afternoon playing folk music is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Ed, Enda and I have performed live together earlier in the year, so we ran through some of our more familiar songs before trying out some folk covers. Our very chilled out jam, was followed by so much amazing Mexican food that we could barely move afterwards! #LaidBackSunday


Thank you for visiting my journal. Please pop back in two weeks time for details of – recording session at Bonafide Studios, Photographing the Mitch Daniels Band live at the O2 Academy, Islington, and more!

Samantha x



16th – 29th September 2013

Journal update (16/09-29/09) which includes; performing at the Stage Door, attending the West Ealing Soundbite Festival and live jazz concert by Kate De Freitas


West Ealing Soundbite Festival, Saturday 21st September

Two of my friends were playing on the Melbourne Avenue Stage of the Soundbite Festival on 21st Sep. After a week of laryngitis horribleness I wrapped up and headed down to West Ealing to see them perform. Sumeet Bellara played a short set of his catchy singer/songwriter material. And Caz Bellingham was on stage with the band ‘Lizard’, I particularly liked her cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’.




I’ll have quite a few musical collaborations on the go in October including; rehearsing with banjo player Enda Mac Con Iomaire. Jammin’ with Sumeet Bellara and Caz Bellingham (we are currently all learning each other’s songs). And a songwriting session with Simon Lawrence. So I’ve been doing some preparation for these projects over the last few weeks.


Kate De Freitas, Half Moon, Putney, Sunday 22nd September

I love the free jazz concerts at the Half Moon in Putney. The quality is always great and it’s the perfect way to relax. Kate De Freitas performed brilliantly despite the gig being quite poorly attended (good quality free music – where was everyone?!) I am pleased to say that Kate will be appearing in my photoblog soon and we are currently in the process of arranging a shoot! Can’t wait! 🙂


Performing at the Stage Door, Waterloo, Sunday 29th September

I had a fab evening playing at the Stage Door in Waterloo. I’ve performed at this open mic once before and both times have been really fun. The atmosphere is friendly and warm, and soundman Rob is excellent. I was pleased to be back on stage again for the first time in ages, and performed a couple of my songs early on in the evening.

I then just sat back and enjoyed the rest of the acts. I particularly enjoyed listening to Chrissy & Izzy, who created the most beautiful harmonies. If you are looking for a good open mic to play at (or listen to) I’d definitely recommend the Stage Door.