3rd November – 16th November 2013

Journal update (03/11-16/11) Jam with Revenge Road, Guest Blogger for Elexu, Interviewing artist Meg Mosley for my photoblog, Band Rehearsals and photographing royalty!

Revenge Road Jam, Kent (Sunday 3rd November)

After spending all of the previous week experiencing my worst Fatigue Syndrome relapse of the entire year, it felt great to have a bit of energy back and to play some music again. I gatecrashed Revenge Roads rehearsal. We played a mixture of classic rock songs and I really enjoyed hearing my song the Watchmaker played with the full band. Great jam session with top guys.

Revenge Road

Rehearsal, Putney (Tuesday 5th November)

I absolutely love rehearsing with Caz and Sumeet, and after only 2 rehearsals we are sounding pretty good already “even if I do say so myself” 😉 We came up with a band name… but in hindsight, after the beer had worn off, I’m not sure if ‘Chocolate Chip Cuckoo’ is a great band name? What do you think? And if not what suggestions do you have?! Please let us know!


Meg Mosley Blog: Photographs and Interview (posted Thursday 7th November)

Please check out the fascinating interview given by artist Meg Mosley on my photoblog. Plus there’s some colourful pics from a fun shoot with the Megastar at Parkland Walk in Crouch End: http://www.besidetheseeside.blogspot.co.uk/2013/11/feature-meg-mosley.html


Photography for NADFAS event, Kensington Town Hall (Tuesday 6th November)

I’m so grateful to NADFAS for giving me such a fantastic photography opportunity. I photographed the Duchess of Gloucester, the Mayor of Kensington, Loyd Grossman and Martyn Lewis at their festival to celebrate 40 years of volunteering at Kensington Town Hall. Whilst I was inside photographing the event, the paparazzi were shivering outside! A very surreal experience indeed! I can’t print the photographs just yet, but hope to post them in the next couple of weeks. Watch this space!


Guest Blogger for Elexu

I was honoured to be approached by digital media company, Elexu, to be a great blogger. Alice had seen the photographs I had taken of the Mitch Daniels Band’s headline gig at the Islington O2 Academy, and approached me to do a feature.

During this week I have provided a 2 part blog about my experiences as a music photographer through 2013. The link to part 1 will be posted tomorrow! And can be found by following this link: http://blog.elexu.com/


Paul McCartney, ‘New’ album

Ok, so I’m a bit late with this (after all the album was released in Oct) but I have finally listened to Paul McCartney’s latest album. It’s absolutely brilliant! I love it! Fantastic songs from the master songsmith. Standout tracks include ‘Queenie Eye’, ‘New’ and ‘Everybody Out There’, but it’s hard to pick. The whole album is crammed with killer tunes.


Thanks for visiting my journal

Samantha x



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