17th – 30th November 2013

Journal update (17/11-30/11) Jam with Revenge Road, Story Tellers Rehearsal, guest blogger for Elexu, and photoshoot chaos!

Revenge Road Jam (Sunday 17th November)

Mum and I both joined the guys of Revenge Road for a Sunday jam. It was the first time Mum had attended, and they were very impressed by her musicianship and were keen to get some of her feedback. We played some of the usual Revenge Road covers, plus some of the cover versions my Mum’s band used to do, and we played through my song Halo. I’ve never heard it performed with other band musicians before, as it’s always played as such an intense solo song, but it was great to hear the different musical interpretations from the band.


Story Tellers Rehearsal (Tuesday 19th November)

Sumeet was very poorly with a cold but that didn’t stop us going ahead with rehearsals. We covered quite a bit of ground for the Story Teller’s first gig (despite poor Sumeet coughing his way through his vocals!). To celebrate ‘Selfie’ being added to the Oxford Dictionary we couldn’t resist taking a band selfie! 🙂


The Story Tellers now has a fb page! Please give us a ‘like’ https://www.facebook.com/StoryTellersMusic

Photoshoot with Kate De Freitas (Thursday 28th November) 

Jazz singer Kate De Freitas and I endured a rather eventful photo session. We meet at Chiswick Station with the intention of getting some photographs in the beautiful grounds of Chiswick House. And we began well by gaining some nice photographs by the bridge and in the maze.

Then, as we started getting some pics nearer to the house, a park warden drove up to us in his buggy. He asked who we were and what we were doing. We explained that Kate is a jazz singer and I was just blogging about her, and the Warden told us off. He said that we’d have to pay a licence to photograph. I explained that I wasn’t a professional photographer and that I just had a blog, but he wasn’t backing down. He said that we were lucky that he wasn’t going to make me delete the photos I’d already taken. Apparently there was a sign on the notice board.

On the way out we searched the noticeboard and finally found a tiny message about photography. And it states the licence is only needed by ‘professional photographers’ anyway. And I’m not one of those yet!! Grrr! So we hadn’t done anything wrong and we should’ve been allowed to continue.

By this point the light was already starting to fade, so Kate and I decided we would reschedule and just go to the pub instead. We went to a lovely pub right by the station, with an open fire and good wine. So all’s well that ends well.


Guest Blogger for Elexu, (Friday 29th November)

The second part of my guest blog about music photography was posted by Elexu on the 29th. It covers the more recent photoshoots I have been involved with this year. Please check it out here: http://blog.elexu.com/music-photography-part-2-by-samantha-edgley/



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